ATM Machines are Safe to Use

ATM Machines are Safe to Use, in Panajachel and other Lake Atitlan Villages.

You will see a number of warnings online about using Banks for Cash in Panajachel, San Pedro, Solola, and Santiago. For those traveling to Lake Atitlan, these are the only villages around the lake that have ATM machines.


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Banks in Panajachel and Solola have ATM machines and these Banks will allow you to with your Passport and Bank Credit Card take cash advances ranging from $200 to $300 USD per day. These are the bank policies around Lake Atitlan and the Highlands of Guatemala.

 Safe to Use

About 5 years ago there was a problem with those using ATM machines in Lake Atitlan and Antigua having the pin numbers from their ATM cards compromised.

Those days have passed. Updated ATM machines across Guatemala and Lake Atitlan have for the most part eliminated this problem. However, like all use of ATM machines be cautious. Do not take help from any stranger only Police and Bank employees.

Lake Atitlan ATM access at Banks in Lake Atitlan have armed guards at the entrances, do not be alarmed. You will find the guards more than helpful in making sure whatever banking needs you have are handled correctly.

Lake Atitlan ATM Machines Banks

Lake Atitlan

Come to Lake Atitlan and use the banks with confidence.

Opening a bank account in Guatemala is possible for foreigners IF you have a Guatemalan national to vouch for you. This is a new requirement that started in 2011. You will need your passport, electric or other utility bills from your place (it does not have to be in your name), and a local person to go with you to the bank and give you a personal reference.

Guatemalan banks offer accounts in US Dollars or Guatemalan Quetzals, Banks have a limit on how much you can exchange or take out per day.