Circus Bar Panajachel

Authentic Italian Cuisine Circus Bar Panajachel Guatemala

Authentic Italian Cuisine Circus Bar Panajachel, I never thought those words would ever come out of my mouth. I have lived in Panajachel for 8 years, been to the Circus Bar may times, only for drinks in the Bar, I think had a few Pizza’s mostly in a hurry.

Last Friday night was a whole new experience for me and a friend eating out at Circus Bar. Actually we ate in the new Tapas Restaurant, Circus had been closed for three weeks while renovation were taking place at the 30 year old Circus Bar.

The Menu at Circus is Pasta and Pizza with a small offering of other Great stuff. I was not that hungry, what the hell try the Pasta. FYI Panajachel lacks knowledge in the area of Cooking Pasta or the type and the Sauce in most cases which is runny.

Was I shocked, I have craved for that Old Italian, Smokey, slightly spicy sauce, and perfectly cooked homemade noodles. Bread on the side, Olive oil and some cheese to top the dish. Only a dream like finding a great Hamburger in Panajachel.

What I got at Circus Bar was that dream sitting in Panajachel and more. Huge serving, I mean a lot of food, sauce to Pasta balance was perfect, the bread fresh, soaked up that thick sauce after the Pasta had been consumed.

Service right on.

Recently I met one of the owners and was told of planned expansion which includes a Tapas Restaurant directly across the street Called Tapas Y Vino

Circus Bar

Circus Bar

Great place and they have great Music.

Side note they have this drink.

Burning Lamborghini! an unforgettable exciting experience that you can only live at Circus Bar! Holger el Alquimista, our expert bartender, celebrates this secret cocktail during our jazz nights.

Circus Bar Panajachel

Burning Lamborghini!