Guatemala Seasonal Travel

Every country has its own traditions and customs that make it unique and special and Guatemala is no different.  There are more than 20 different ethnic groups across Guatemala, each with some special seasonal and holiday traditions.

Guatemala school holidays fall during the coffee harvest season so that everyone can pitch in.  The months of December through February are coffee harvest season and provide for a unique coffee experience.  What most people don’t know is that from tree to cup there is so much more that goes into your morning cup of java than what you realize.  Find out what’s behind the buzz on our Guatemalan Coffee Tours.

Guatemala Seasonal Travel Semanta Santa will depend on Covid 19

Guatemala Seasonal Travel | Lake Atitlan Tours

Guatemala Seasonal Travel | Lake Atitlan Tours

If you are looking to create wonderful memories and experience new things visiting Guatemala during the Easter holidays, Semana Santa or Holy Week provides for one of the richest cultural experiences that Guatemala has to offer.  This is an incredibly beautiful religious celebration where processions wind their way through the village streets.  The procession consists of huge floats, also called andas, bearing statues of Christ with a cross that are carried by men in purple-colored robes.

You’ll be transfixed as you watch the streets turn into a canvas adorned with intricate and stunning street carpets, called alfombras.  In essence, Semana Santa involves the marching in the procession of brotherhoods of the church, followed by elaborate floats.

In Guatemala, processions in the 334 municipalities of the country take place during the Holy Week and Lent. Covid 19 currently is well managed by the Guatemala Government with protocols in place to protect the population and you as a traveler.

Semana Santa in Guatemala is a passionate sensory experience that mingles Spanish and Mayan traditions, an event that truly represents the heart and soul of Guatemala.  The majestic processions and carpets that decorate the streets is truly an event not to be missed.

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