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Lake Atitlan Art Gallery Art Exhibition

Lake Atitlan Art Gallery A Successful Art Exhibition Jenna River Bed and Breakfast wants to send a big thank you and acknowledge your support and interest in attending the art exhibition of Patrick Debart at Jenna’s Galeria on December 20th and contributing to its overwhelming success.

About Patrick Debart

Patrick Debart is an artist who was born and raised in Montpellier France.  He began his career in the seventies, painting murals and paintings where he had many expositions in the south of France.  In the eighties Patrick was able to fulfill a dream when he was able to work with master potter Lou Combres and open multiple studios in the South of France showcasing his works.  In the nineties his wanderlust brought him to Central America, specifically Panajachel, Guatemala where he was inspired and continues to be inspired by the natural beauty of Lake Atitlan.

Jenna's Art Gallery Lake Atitlan

Having dedicated himself to art for the last 40 years and counting, Patrick continues to challenge himself creatively by approaching each painting as an opportunity to try something new.  Patrick is doing what he loves and that joy is reflected in his extraordinary work.

Lake Atitlan Art Gallery

The Lake Atitlan Art Gallery in Panajachel offers the largest collection of unique original Indigenous art in the region.  Lake Atitlan Art Gallery, owner Jennifer Bingham runs Jenna’s River Bed and Breakfast located next to the gallery.  The property is located on Calle Rancho Grande across the street from the Porta del Lago hotel and offers the most amazing and tranquil rooms and gardens.

The rooms boast comfortable beds, cozy comforters, private en-suite bathrooms, while the spacious gardens have welcoming hammocks, adirondack chairs, and fruit trees.  High speed internet is provided throughout the property.  As if that wasn’t enough, Jenna is renowned for her 5-star full breakfasts that she serves daily for her guests.

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