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Guatemala Travel Reviews 2023 | Lifelong Memories

Guatemala Travel Reviews 2023 Lifelong memories.  We had a wonderful time with Kara and Jim and did many tours with them throughout our stay on the lake.

We did a wonderful Mayan Weaving tour where we spent the day with Mayan women who taught us how to weave a scarf, and surprisingly I came up with a beautiful one (8 hours later); during the tour, we were able to share an authentic Mayan meal and learn about the history of Mayan weaving.

We also did an incredible mountain tour where we saw the best views of our trip; I went with a friend who had some trouble getting down the mountain and Kara and Jim sprung into action offering words of comfort and direction to help us successfully complete.


However, we saw things from volcanoes, rain coming off pine trees, corn being baked on the roof, and fields of agriculture.

Guatemala Travel Reviews 2023 Fantastic Learning Experience. I was in contact with Kara before our trip and she set up everything for 2 tours

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Guatemala Travel Reviews 2023, Lifelong Memories

Our last tour was an experience going from village to village and learning different things, from the cacao tour, where we got to try chocolate (who doesn’t love that), learning how to pound tortillas, and then enjoying the fruits of our labors, to learning the dying process for yarn that is weaved.

Overall, I had an incredible experience and that is due to Kara and Jim. The next time we come back to the lake (and we will be coming back) we will be reaching out to both Kara and Jim!

Guatemala Travel Reviews 2017 | Lifelong Memories Swilloug (May 2023) We had a wonderful time with Kara and Jim. Many tours with them during our stay on the lake. Lake Atitlan Tours provides us with a lasting experience. Our travel review of Lake Atitlan Tours can be found on TripAdvisor.