Lake Atitlan Guatemala Tour Guides

Lake Atitlan Guatemala Local Tour Guides

Henry and Poncho are Lake Atitlan Guatemala Local Tour Guides operating out of San Pedro a village on Lake Atitlan. As Lake Atitlan Tour Guides Henry and Poncho bring years of knowledge and experience as Tour Guides.

Henry and Poncho are brothers, Henry is the oldest in the Family and is a boat captain, being part of the co-op of the boat owners from San Pedro. Henry often takes tourists on day long private boat trips around Lake Atitlan.

Lake Atitlan Guatemala Local Tour Guides

Grow Your Own Cure team met Henry a year ago in San Pedro, seeking to find healers hidden in the back streets of San Pedro. At first Henry was skeptical about our intentions many had come before us seeking to find these healers. Over time Henry has become an important part of Grow Your Own Cure in finding healers to work with around the Lake.

Poncho is also a boat captain, the family has 2 boats the boys operate for the San Pedro Boat Owners Co-op. Poncho at 24 is a amazing young man. Each Saturday he gets up at 4:00 and begins his trip to a city 2 hours way called Xela by chicken bus, the reason he is learning english. Poncho is part of the team of Tour Guides Grow Your Own Cure has trained and works with each day.

In one of our YouTube Video’s Poncho and Henry are talking with Christine a healer from San Pedro, we are in her herb Garden at her house. The conversation transcends three languages as you watch Henry and Poncho translate on the fly between Spanish, English and the Native Dialects of Lake Atitlan. In order for Tour Guides in the Highlands of Guatemala to create an amazing experience having the gift of the Native Language is always a benefit on a Tour.

Lake Atitlan Guatemala Local Tour Guides provide those seeking alternatives to Western Medicine a chance to see first hand the options herbal medicine provides in Guatemala. Our Tour Guides take our guests on Tours of Lake Atitlan to be treated, not to just ride around and look at Gardens.

Some guests are very private about their conditions which takes some time to open up. Recently we had a young man with series curvature of the spin. We started with Christine at her home, after some time talking Christine asked this young man his problem. He took his shirt off and Christine without hesitation grabbed a leaf off a plant and rubbed his back hard. Instant relief of pain.

We then took this young man to meet Samuel at his small clinic in the Village of San Marcos on Lake Atitlan. Immediately Samuel took this young man into his examination room and started working on him. Samuel said he sees this kind of bent back as they call it here from Men using straps on their heads to care 80 lbs of wood home each day. Samuel continues to treat this young man and is determined he can help. The ongoing cost each week for this young man $15 US.

As Lake Atitlan Guatemala Local Tour Guides you will find Henry and Poncho polite, kind, considerate and always making sure on the boats you are same. As we have become more part of their family the boys as we call them now call one of the Grow Team Mom. We have been accepted into their homes and are part of the family. A large step for all.