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Panajachel Guatemala Pharmacies are mostly located on the main street which leads travellers to other destinations around Lake Atitlan are plentiful. The Pharmacy we like the most is on Calle Santander and called Pharmacy Santander which has English speaking staff at most and the very best in Western Medicine at a fraction of the cost in the US.

Panajachel Guatemala Pharmacies

Panajachel Guatemala Pharmacies

Pharmacy Santander is our most visited Pharmacy in Panajachel while many other Pharmacies exist in Panajachel this Pharmacy is family owned, we see the father and 2 handsome Sons behind the counter and you are always greeted with a smile and amazing customer service.

The Pharmacy is not hard to find as it is on the main street Calle Santander which leads one directly to Lake Atitlan and the boats that take you to the villages such as Santa Cruz, San Marcos and San Pedro.

Panajachel Guatemala Pharmacies | Pharmacy Santander

Pharmacy Santander will not require you to have a prescription, however the staff will ask very specific questions about your symptoms.

Diarrhea is very common for travelers to Lake Atitlan it appears that the food in Guatemala is not so tender on ones stomach. While the food is prepared with good sanitary conditions our weak stomach’s do not handle the food well. Colds and the flew are often something that will sneak up on travelers.

The Pharmacy Santander will take the time to make sure the medication they are providing is safe and will be effective for your health issues.

The medication provided by Pharmacy Santander is all Western Medicine, you will be familiar with the drugs prescribed. What you will not be surprised is the price or costs of these medications. A fraction of what you would be charged in the US.

If you are seeking purely herbal treatments you can reach out to us by e-mail and we will supply you with Herbal Medications from the various growers of herbs from around Lake Atitlan through Grow Your Own Cure.

Keep this photo handy as this is the Pharmacy Santander.