Internet for Travelers Lake Atitlan

Lake Atitlan Wifi Hot Spots, Internet Services around Lake Atitlan can be a challenge for locals and those traveling through the highlands of Guatemala. Finally a solution is available a simple service which allows you Wifi access on a per hour, per day or on a weekly basis. Kind of like buying saldo for your phone, pay as you go Wifi hot spot.

Lake Atitlan Wifi Hot Spots

Lake Atitlan Wifi Hot Spots

Lake Atitlan Wifi Hot Spots

For most travelers when they arrive in Panajachel the first instinct is to find the Wifi hot spots in the restaurants on Santander.

Most of these restaurants you need to order food in order to be given access to the internet code and some places change the codes weekly or monthly to avoid over use. Kind of a hassle to keep connected in this connected world.

The hotels in Panajachel offer Internet and Wifi for their. Some Panajachel hotels have limitations of Wifi reach and distance one can sit and enjoy the view of Lake Atitlan and use of the Hotel Wifi services. That will all change shortly.

Lake Atitlan Wifi Hot Spots and Internet Services

Grupo Maya Net and Grow Your Own Cure have worked together combining technical skills to offer Wifi services that extend the entire length of Avenida Santander in Panajachel. Pay as you go Wifi hot spot in Panajachel is an affordable service that allows users to pay, by the day, or week for unlimited high speed Wifi access.

For those seeking Internet services for your Lake Atitlan Home or Business Grupo Mayanet provides the most reliable services in all of Lake Atitlan.

For more information about Wifi Hot Spot in Panajachel please e-mail contact only.

Carlos S. Tzul Tzul


Cel. 5978-3672 Tel. 7762-2092 / 7762-2992,

Avenida Santander Centro Comercial el Patio Local No.6 Panajachel Solola