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Touring Lake Atitlan Food, Panajachel in search of the Nightly food feasts around Panajachel has taken me on a food journey around Pana the gateway to Lake Atitlan. Travelers to Guatemala and Lake Atitlan often think they will find Mexican food on the streets of Panajachel, sorry no.

Restaurants in Panajachel take on more of an international flair, spectacular Italian, Chinese, Burgers, Pupusa, Gelato and local street food. The following are my top picks for Nightly Food Feasts in Panajachel first what is the Guatemalan cuisine.

Most traditional foods in Guatemalan cuisine are based on Maya cuisine, with Spanish influence, and prominently feature corn, chilies, and beans as key ingredients. Guatemala is famously home to the Hass avocado and the birthplace of chocolate, as first created by the Mayans

There are also foods commonly eaten Guatemalan cuisine on certain days of the week.

For example, it is a popular custom to eat paches (a kind of tamale made from potatoes) on Thursday. Certain dishes are also associated with special occasions, such as fiambre for All Saints Day on November 1 and special tamales, which are common around Christmas.

Touring Lake Atitlan Food Panajachel Best Italian food can be found at a little Bar and Restaurant called Circus Bar, been operating in Pana for 36 years if that has no offered an idea why I recommend Circus Bar. If you are looking for amazing Pasta and Pizza with an Italian atmosphere, live music and dedicated quality service look no more.

Touring Lake Atitlan Food

Circus Bar best Italian food on Lake Atitlan

Touring Lake Atitlan Food Panajachel Best Chinese food found at a very small locally owned restaurant called Chino Chapin, English translation Chinese Chapin. The menu is vast with traditional Chinese offerings, the prices are reasonable and the food is always fresh. There is not a lot of atmospheres if you are thinking about a romantic night out.

Panajachel Best Chinese food

Panajachel Best Chinese food

Panajachel Best Burgers found at one of the local watering holes called the La Palapa Bar and Grill. Local burgers lack substance, something La Palapa has taken on with creating a few choices for burger lovers, including a massive double burger, with all the trimmings and hand-cut fries. Prices are Q50 add a Gallo beer and you have it.

Panajachel Best Burgers

Panajachel Best Burgers

Panajachel Best Pupusa is a thick flatbread from El Salvador made with cornmeal or rice flour, similar to the Venezuelan and Colombian arepa. Stuffed with one or more ingredients, these may include cheese, chicharrón, squash, or refried beans. Cheros Bar Pupusería is across from La Palapa and has been one of Pana’s interesting stopping off points for Travelers.

Panajachel Best Dolce Gelato Cheros Bar Pupusería

Cheros Bar Pupusería

Panajachel Best Gelato is found at Dolce Gelato small shop at the end of the main street in Pana you cannot miss the shop. This is a family-owned business that started out in a small shop on the side streets of Pana. You will now find their Gelato in stores around the lake. Is it great no it is wonderful, natural fruits and local ingredients, large offering of flavors.

Touring Lake Atitlan Food

Panajachel Best Dolce Gelato

Panajachel Best Street Food found most nights on the streets, weekends are best for the experience. Corn Tamales and Rellenitos de Plátano, to Elote and Chuchitos take a walking tour to discover some of Panajachel Lake Atitlan Guatemala’s best street food. The food is safe to eat and you will find the main streets of Pana filled with local street vendors.

Touring Lake Atitlan Food

Panajachel Best Street Food

The best food in Pana is easy to find on the main streets. Ask anyone they know the best local place to eat.