US Embassy Guatemala Unfair to Mayan Woman

US Embassy Guatemala Unfair to Mayan Woman

US Embassy Guatemala Unfair to Mayan Woman . The US Embassy in Guatemala City has a Visa Application Process that consistently denies Mayan Woman from obtaining Travel and Business Visas to the United Sates.

US Embassy Guatemala Unfair to Mayan Woman

We are not a single voice of the actions or conduct by the US Government towards the Mayan Culture of Guatemala. Thousands of articles on-line tell the sad story of the conduct of the US Embassy in Guatemala. Perhaps the time has come to draw attention to the conduct of the US Embassy?

Last year we provided support to apply through the US Embassy in Guatemala for a Travel Visa for events in the US that a Mayan Woman was asked to speak about Mayan Culture and her work with the traditional art of Back Strap Weaving.

The woman’s name is kept out of this document for reasons or reactions that might be taken by the US Embassy against her. She is a 25 year old Mayan, married with a 4 year old daughter, runs the family co-operative, has business interests in her name and significant ties to her community.

US Embassy Guatemala Unfair to Mayan Woman

The documents we prepared included, Guatemala Passport, She speaks Spanish and English, Police Report, Bank Accounts in her name, Business and Personal Bank accounts. Income statement for the last year, Credit Cards, Certified letters from sponsors, assuring all costs are paid for her travel and a guarantee of the Woman’s return to Guatemala by the groups sponsoring her trip.

Each time she applied she was refused a Visa by the US Embassy, stating she had no ties to Guatemala to assure her return. Actually this amazing woman was never even granted an interview as required by law.

At the time of her interview the only part of the Interview was to be handed a small green piece of paper stating the fact she had not demonstrated in her application she had reasons to return to Guatemala. Hardly the case.

US Embassy Guatemala Unfair to Mayan Woman

Why this Mayan Woman should be granted a travel Visa and supported by the US Embassy? First the documents provided should grant her a Visa as they more then qualify her application, then again if these documents were actually reviewed as part of the Visa Interview process this might help. Second this woman is part of the History and the Mayan Culture of Guatemala.

Her work has been featured on National Geographic. Her entry into the United States is an important part of growing her business in Guatemala. Access and exposure to US audiences is one way she will grow her business.

US Embassy Guatemala Unfair to Mayan Woman

We have talked with numerous Guatemalan Attorneys assuming they might provide aid in the this matter? Further investigation we found out that Guatemalan Attorneys are not allowed in as part of the candidate Visa Interview process?

One Guatemala Attorneys response for our request for help.

I hope you are well. I have read a little bit about your work here and I think it is great. I´m sorry to hear about this woman’s issue with the consulate. I would say that my experience is that most candidates make it to the interview stage, even if there are latter denied.

Fact if you are a Guatemalan living in Guatemala city and have a job, no problem Ten Year Travel Visa always granted.

US Embassy Guatemala Unfair to Mayan Woman

US Embassy Guatemala | Unfair to Mayan Woman | Travel Visas Denied

We are now in the process of Applying for a Travel Visa for this Woman to attend events and speaking opportunities in Canada. Which she will be granted by the Canadian Government with help from the Canadian Government.

An investigation of some form needs to be conducted into the policy and practices of the US Embassy Visa program for Guatemalans?

Some 50,000 Guatemalans were deported from the U.S. in 2013, up from roughly 40,000 in 2012 and 30,000 in 2011, according to the Consejo Nacional de Atención al Migrante en Guatemala (National Council on Immigration—CONAMIGUA).