Santa Catarina Palopo

We posted last week about the Road Construction happening in the village of Santa Catarina Palopo. Which effects all traffic coming from Panajachel to Santa Catarina Palopo and on to San Antonio Palopo.

Delays Passing Through Santa Catarina Palopo Road Work

The village of Santa Catarina Palopo is having a new road built through the village. From the top of the hill coming into the village through the village to the school on your way out to San Antonio Palopo. The Pavers that previously made the road are being removed, the water and culverts torn up and will be replaced with a Concrete paved road through the village.

We are told that this work will take 2 months to complete the road construction.

Santa Catarina Palopo

The pickups for Santa Catarina Palopo are running as best they can. They are at the top of the hill coming into the Village, no longer starting at the School on the other side of the village. Pickups in Pan remain the same throughout Pana.

If you are coming to Santa Catarina Palopo you will have to get off at the hill coming into the village and walk to the Church.

Santa Catarina Palopo

If you plan to go to San Antonio Palopo expect at least an hour wait to pass through Santa Catarina Palopo. The pickups are still running to San Antonio Palopo on a regular basis, however expect to wait of up to one hour. Each way.

Weekends we are told there will be no work on the road, while no construction is happening the road through the village remains a mess and caution is advised passing through is advised as there are culverts and other concrete obstructions sticking out of the road bed.

There is no public boat service to Santa Catarina Palopo and or San Antonio Palopo.

Motorcycles can easily pass through the construction.