Guatemala Markets | Healthy Foods Lake Atitlan Guatemala Markets.

In Western Cultures the amount of processed foods consumed is one reason for the health issues faced by many.

Healthy Foods from the Guatemala Markets is simple if you can accept the markets. Guatemala has all the big Chains in Guatemala which for the most sell processed food and some local produce. You have to get away from the big cities in Guatemala there you will find naturally grown Healthy Foods from Guatemala’s local Markets.

Healthy Foods Lake Atitlan Guatemala Markets

Guatemala Market

While Lake Atitlan and the Highlands of Guatemala may be the perfect region for growing Medicinal Herbs for treating many Diseases, the food grown in this region is of great benefit for managing diet and overall health.

For some visitors to Lake Atitlan the markets may be different or a little startling. Not sure what to say here exactly. We are accustomed to the markets all around the lake.

Eggs and Chicken you will see out in the open, Meat is hung at the front of these small stalls in the markets. That is the part that non locals find concerning. No Refrigeration during the day while market stalls prefer to show off the meat they will cut for you then to hand you a packaged piece of meat from a cooler.


Lake Atitlan Food

As a note Guatemala is a NON non-GMO country recently voted down by the Guatemalan Government. Around the Lake we see Onions growing on the hillsides. Avocado trees grow wild throughout the region, Chili’s, Peppers, Celery, Banana, and all kinds of fresh produce and fruit are found every market day.

Guacamole homemade and fresh

We start with fresh Avocado’s, Onions, a Chili, Lime, Tomatoes, Salt and Pepper from the Panajachel, market. I buy my Avocado’s from the same lady that has a small stall in the Pana market. She picks for me ripe Avocado’s for use today. She is always right on. Perfect.

My recipe is simple.

2 large Avocado cleaned into a bowl

Half an Onion finely chopped

2 Ripe Tomatoes finely chopped.

A sliver of a hot Chili Pepper grated.

Salt and Pepper.

Mix everything in a bowl and add half of the juice of a lime. Stops Avocado’s from turning that bad Gray look. Refrigerate for 2 hours. Serve with local homemade Corn Chips.

We are making homemade Salsa, Fresh Cheese, and Meatballs will round out the Super Bowl Sunday Feast. Nothing from a can, jar, or machine made. Using only Healthy Foods Lake Atitlan Guatemala Markets.