Burning of San Pedro Volcano

The Burning of San Pedro Volcano

The Burning of San Pedro Volcano can bee seen for miles around Lake Atitlan. Climbing San Pedro Volcano is a very popular activity with Tourists. The fires may have perhaps hampered this activity. At least the views across Lake Atitlan have been marred by the smoke.

Burning of San Pedro Volcano

Burning of San Pedro Volcano

This week in Lake Atitlan being part of Semana SantaEaster Week” in Guatemala is an event worthy of seeing, that is reflected in the processions with images made artistically by Guatemalan artisans. I am not sure of the Burning of San Pedro Volcano has effected those wanting to Hike the Volcano?

Having lived on the Lake for ten years I have to admit that this dry season has been one of the worst I have seen since I arrived on the Lake for fires.

Two weeks ago I watched from my home in Santa Catarina Palopo as fires grew close to the village of San Juan. It was late evening and the fire could be seen across the Lake. This event was concerning for me as we have many friends in San Juan and the fires appeared to be close to the village proper.

In the weeks that followed every night the skies around Lake Atitlan have become intense with the glow of more fires. The causes of the fires are up for debate. Some say it is Arson, bottles left on the hillsides and local farmers burning the crops off in preparation for planting. Some of this appears to gotten out of control.

Within a few weeks the rains will come to the shores of Lake Atitlan. The dark patchwork of the hillsides marred by the fires will soon again turn to carpets of lush green areas all around Lake Atitlan. Until next dry season.

Volcán San Pedro (or Las Yeguas) (3,020 metres (9,908 ft)) is a stratovolcano on the shores of Lago de Atitlán, in the Sololá Department of northern Guatemala. At its base is the village of San Pedro La Laguna.