Lake Atitlan Guatemala Meat

Lake Atitlan Guatemala Meat

Lake Atitlan Guatemala Meat and Beef.

If you are new to Guatemala or a Traveler to Lake Atitlan you will find that much if not all the meat from the local markets in Guatemala is, “Tough, or really Tuff”.

The main reason is that, unlike US Beef, the cattle in Guatemala are mostly grass-fed and are not finished with corn like US Beef.

Beef is also not aged after it is processed.  It is killed in the morning and the markets by noon.

For most of us around Lake Atitlan and or Antigua this is a fact of life. You can cook it for hours in a stew pot and you have sort of tender beef. Slice it thin and sear it fast and it will be tough.

Some of the local restaurants around the lake have found a way to take this local beef and make it tender.

Lake Atitlan Guatemala Meat and Beef

Although meat may be a little tougher in Guatemala, we feel that it is better for us than meat in the U.S. because it is not given growth hormones and antibiotics.

Lake Atitlan Guatemala Meat

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T Bone Steaks those mouth-watering Beef De Resistance of American Culture are never seen at the local markets, just large chunks of beef hanging on hooks.  If you are looking for a great T Bone, Tecpán Meats is the place to buy them.

Lake Atitlan Guatemala Meat

great store for eating meat

Tecpán Guatemala (locally referred to as just Tecpán) is a municipality in the department of Chimaltenango.  In Tecpán there is a butcher that has great mouth-watering T Bone steaks, prime rib, bacon, and hamburger.

Here are directions to this beef den of pleasure. Take the Tecpán exit off the Inter-American Highway CA-1, head into town, and at the 5 corners take a hard right, first blue door on the left.

Sorry typical direction to any place in Guatemala.

Prices are comparable to what one would pay for beef at any market around the lake.