Guatemalan national postal service Ends?

Guatemalan national postal service Ends after 12 years of providing services on an ongoing basis, the company mail Guatemala, licensee of postal services in the country, abruptly ended. The process of returning the movable and immovable property to the State of Guatemala, as well as compensation for their workers.

Oscar Navarro, a lawyer for the Legal Department of the DGCT, said the legal figure of the concession contract should go through a process of reversal of goods, so they could not fail to provide that service because it affects internationally for failing the legal rules of the Universal Postal Union.

To date, what actions will take to ensure DGTC postal service is unknown. Since May 2014, the company has sanctions for breach of contract by Q13 million. According Veliz, an aspect to resolve is the figure to be used in case the address management take the postal service, while a new public tender is called.

The postal service Guatemala stopped being public in 1998 when it was was concessioned to International Postal Services, Ltd and later to El Correo de Guatemala SA.

Guatemalan national postal service Ends? Now what do we do in order to receive mail, packages, stuff? The point of this blog post is to find REAL answers from those in the know that might be able to offer suggestions for those on Facebook and other Social Media sites.

Please lets keep the complaints off this thread and lets focus on offering solutions. If you have an option while the Guatemalan government sorts this out please post a comment.

When the Guatemalan postal system collapsed in 2016, Weavers and other Artisans of the country’s $68 million handicraft export market seemed destined to economic ruin.

Guatemalan Artisans were forced to use private shipping companies, many of whom had responded to the demise of the country’s postal services with giant price increases. Today, it costs $167.00 for most to send a letter out of Guatemala by an Express Carrier.

Today Ethical Fashion Guatemala provides post services from over 230 Countries direct to Guatemala. From legal documents to packages up to 100 kilos, Ethical Fashion Guatemala provides a reliable and cost effect 3 and 5 day service to your door in Guatemala.

Ethical Fashion Guatemala also provides importing services for products purchased on-line from Companies such as Amazon, Best Buy and Target to mention a few. To find out more about this service.

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  1. Mitchell Chickelero
    Mitchell Chickelero says:

    It appears to be that this is another case of the owners hoping for another Government bailout, like when the government gave away to the transportation companies multiplied MILLIONS of Quetzales to the already rich owners of busses etc…. So the first thing too keep in mind for the government is to not give away MONEY this time. Because if they do then anytime anyone thinks that it can happen they will cause problems so as to recieve more riches..The thing to do is find someone, who has the ability to operate the postal service at a profit, and let them take over the business of operating the POSTAL SERVICE. DO NOT GIVE AWAY FREE MONEY.

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