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Lake Atitlan One Day Tours for groups or single individuals. Our one-day tours for individuals offers guided tours of all regions of Lake Atitlan including the Highlands of Guatemala.

One Day Lake Atitlan Tours for individuals traveling alone does not mean you are added to other tour groups, these are private individual tours to all the great locations around the Lake Atitlan region.

Santiago Lake Atitlan Tours

Lake Atitlan One Day Tours

This Santiago Lake Atitlan Tour surrounds you with the local culture and lets you see, smell, hear and get a feel for life in an indigenous Mayan village.

Lake Atitlan One Day Tours Coffee Tour | Let’s Stop and Smell the Coffee

Lake Atitlan Coffee Tour

After arriving in San Juan at the boat docks you climb a steep hill that has unique textile, painting, and art stalls on either side of the street. Most of these products are produced by cooperatives of women from the village. The art here is very unique and unlike what you find in other villages around the lake and the coffee is the best in the world.

Lake Atitlan One-Day Tours Village Boat Tour Details

Lake Atitlan Village Boat Tour, we have found some of the best moments in life are when we trade in our fast-paced, over-scheduled, and no time to think lives for an invitation to travel where we can forget the office, our to-do lists, and living our lives on auto-pilot and slip into a rhythm that allows for the refreshment of body and soul by exploration and new experiences.

Lake Atitlan Village Boat Tour

Semana Santa Lake Atitlan One-Day Tours

The streets of Santa Catarina Palopó and San Antonio Palopó, Guatemala turned into a canvas which is adorned with intricate and aromatic carpets (alfombras) of vibrant and beautiful flowers, pines, sawdust, and fruits as giant carved floats (and as) sway on the back of local men and women as small processions wind their way through the town’s streets.

If you have never been to Guatemala during the Easter processions then you are in for an experience of a lifetime.  This multi-sensory experience will immerse you in culture, history, and the majestic beauty of Guatemala as you see, hear, smell, touch, and taste everything Guatemalan.

Semana Santa Lake Atitlan Guatemala

Semana Santa is a celebration that commemorates the crucifixion and resurrection of Christ.

On Good Friday as part of the Semana Santa celebration, the cobblestone streets of Santa Catarina Palopó and San Antonio Palopó, Guatemala is transformed into an artistic canvas.

Space is limited for the Semana Santa Lake Atitlan Guatemala Tour, please book early.

Lake Atitlan One Day Tours Santa Catarina Palopó and San Antonio Palopó

Santa Catarina Palopó and San Antonio Palopó, Guatemala is a country that offers so much for those who are willing to step off the beaten path for a while.

Lake Atitlan Village Tour Santa Catarina Palopó and San Antonio Palopó

Lake Atitlan | Panajachel Walking Tour

This Panajachel Lake Atitlan Walking Tour is not only a walking adventure but also an opportunity to experience Guatemala—its people, history, landscape, food, and different ways of life.

Lake Atitlan Upper Rim Hike Tour

Santa Catarina is a small indigenous village with many shops filled with art, weaving, and fabrics lining the streets. Just a short walk from the main street as well as from the Church is the playa where you can walk along the beach to the hot springs. The hot springs are a great way to relax after a hike in the mountains and around town.

Santa Catarina Lake Atitlan Upper Rim Hike

Lake Atitlan Medicinal Herbal Workshop

Are you interested in the natural healing powers of plants? Join ‘Grow Your Own Cure’ for a 1-day adventure that is designed to introduce you to Mayan indigenous healer’s wisdom about traditional healing herbal remedies and healing arts in Lake Atitlán, Guatemala.

Lake Atitlan Volcano Tour | San Pedro

We have blazed a trail for the ultimate volcano adventure. Leave the stress, demands, and pressures of civilization behind and immerse yourself in the magnificent beauty of lush tropical forests as you walk and climb along paths to ascend to the summit where you will become so completely mesmerized and awe-struck by the natural beauty that surrounds you.

Lake Atitlan Indian Nose Tour

An incredible tour that offers spectacular views.  Indian’s Nose is located at the summit of the mountain above the villages of San Juan and San Marcos.

It is accessible through various tracks and we can also organize trips with horses to the top.

Lake Atitlan Street Food Tour By Night

Lake Atitlan Street Food Tour By Night, discover Panajachel Lake Atitlan Guatemala by night as we enjoy a street food walking tour in the heart of the Mayan country. This tour offers a unique opportunity to experience Panajachel as a local.

Lake Atitlan Market Tours

Chichicastenango is well known for its famous market days on Thursdays and Sundays where vendors sell handicrafts, food, flowers, pottery, wooden boxes, condiments, medicinal plants, candles, and much more.

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We can tailor your tour to suit your needs and desires. We take guests to unspoiled areas with the ever-present, panoramic Lake Atitlan mountains, and volcanoes surrounding you.