Guatemala's Top Cooking

Guatemala’s Top Cooking School

Guatemala’s Top Cooking School Finds Home in San Pedro Lake Atitlan. Lake Atitlan Cooking School for Foodies is one of the best things about travel is discovering new kinds of food.  The Lake Atitlan Cooking School provides a gastronomical expedition, as Mayan Kitchen San Pedro Chef Teresa explains the ingredients, tradition, and history behind each dish you prepare that is rooted in a centuries-old tradition.

From total novices to food professionals we believe that a cooking School is always an interesting and fun way to learn about Guatemalan culture.

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No matter how awe-inspiring you find the volcanoes and mountains surrounding Lake Atitlan, the cobblestoned streets of Antigua, or any of the other attractions that brought you to Guatemala, it’s likely your cooking experience and the meal at our Lake Atitlan Cooking School is what will leave you with unforgettable memories and experiences of Guatemalan culture, Mayan culture, food, and friendly people.

Guatemala's Top Cooking

Lake Atitlan Cooking School – Christmas Tamales

Guatemala’s Top Cooking School Finds Home in San Pedro Lake Atitlan

The cooking class takes place in Chef Teresa’s Tz’utujil home using traditional methods of cooking.  The participant will prepare and cook the food together with the guidance of Chef Theresa.

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This is a truly unique hands-on opportunity to learn directly from a Tz’utujil Maya Chef in an intimate and interactive environment.   Not only will you learn to cook indigenous Maya cuisine, but you will also learn how to use food as medicine and discover indigenous food culture.

Lake Atitlan Cooking School

Lake Atitlan Cooking School – Rellenitos de Plátanos

Lake Atitlan Cooking School for Foodies

Local food can teach you a lot about a culture and its traditions.  Our cooking class is designed for food enthusiasts wanting an understanding of indigenous Maya people, cuisine, and culture.

Lake Atitlan Cooking School Classes also include a tour of the market to see the variety of fresh fruits, vegetables, herbs, meat, and other unique foods for sale. Here we will purchase our fresh produce to use for our cooking class later in the morning.

We recommend that you come hungry as you will be preparing and eating a big meal.  Also, you will want to wear comfortable shoes and clothing as you will be on your feet most of the class.

Please make sure to let us know if you have any dietary restrictions.

Guatemala's Top Cooking

Lake Atitlan Cooking School – Making Tortillas

Guatemala’s Top Cooking School Finds Home in San Pedro Lake Atitlan

We started our tour company with the belief that other travelers share our desire to experience authentic adventures by immersing ourselves in the life of a region, exploring hidden corners, and partaking in and appreciating the local culture.  Our tours are, at their heart, a way of connecting more authentically with the world.

We offer you tours of Lake Atitlan that you’ll never forget!

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